Occasionally, I ask myself what professional advice I wish I’d been given earlier in my career. You know, like the kinds of things your grandmother would have told you, if only your grandmother had been a software engineer instead of an English teacher, and you’d been listening?

Strap yourself in…

A Dark and Tortuous Journey in DevOps

[Edit: This was posted back in October, but this post become way more relevant on March 22, 2016, when a key dependency was unpublished and the breakages discussed here actually happened to lots of people! …

1. Kindergarten. 2. College. 3. Preschool and Professional Athletics. 4. Effective Software Engineering. Most of us muddle along in the middle.

The Golden Rule of Software Engineering

It’s late now, after a couple beers. So this might get philosophical.

I’ve been a software engineer in the Valley for a while now. Written code and led teams, especially in tech startups, both successful and failed. And been lucky enough to work with amazingly skillful programmers. At times, one…

Yesterday, I was confronted with a moral dilemma. I need your help.

Actually, this thing — well, things — have been with me a long time.

In my closet.

Let me tell you how it started. I assure you, this is all true.

A few years ago, after moving…

Joshua Levy

Scaling systems and teams.

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